Posted by: Ria SweetRaw | 07/17/2010


Beautiful Shiitake Mushrooms on a Tree (Photo: shizuokagourmet.files)

Ahhh, something so soothing about “Melanin Rich Foods.” I guess if one speaks of “grounding energy” I’d have to say Green Foods and Dark Melenin Foods win hands down (for me). The deeper truth is that these foods also provide tranformative properties aiding and cleaning the blood, neutralizing  and activting cells, and create optimal health and wellness to the mind, body and soul. Food truly is our Medicine!

A recent trip to our local Asian Market left my cabinets and fridge abundant in a wealth of healing recipes to activate an awakened body. Being a single Mother of three teenagers (twin 16 year old boys and a pre tween daughter) can be taxing on the budget, so when our not so healthy alternative snacks ran out one of my twin Sun’s reminded me in his serious manly voice to make “something we all like, something really tasty for him after waking from his nap.” I laughed (what can I say, Taurus Twins –Food is their lifeline). Reassuringly I comforted him, and got to thinking. Then I rummeged through our cabinents to find the organic and natural goodies waiting to be transformed; Dried Black Fungus, Dried Shiitake mushrooms, loads of Coconut water and coconut cream, Peanuts, Organic Raw Cashew Butter, a variety of noodles, Fresh Thai Basil, Fish, Organic Raw Garden Garlic, Sesame Oil, the list continued. My creative juices started pumping as my taste buds grew curious.”Hhhmmm, I thought, how do I choose?” became the question. So I tuned in to what I coin my “Natural Guidance System” that Eternal Voice connected to the Higher Realms or Higher Mind connecting me to my Higher Essence Self guiding me to my Evolutionary State or New Being. ((smile))

DRIED BLACK FUNGUS AND SHIITAKE:: These varieties once boiled or soaked in water: I sauteed in Sesame Oil/Olive Oil, Himalyan Sea Salt (Trace Minerals) and Raw Organic Garlic (you can add apple cider vinegar).

Nutritional Value:: Rich in Iron, Protein, Vitamins D, B1 and Calcium (black mushroom) and Lentinan (used to treat Cancer), Selenium, Protein (potassium, niacin and B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus), Fiber, Vitamin C (Shiitake). They taste amazing with a meatlike texture, so yummy!

I chopped the Black Mushroom Fungus into tiny pieces so that my children wouldn’t ‘trip’ and make a huge fuss about the rubbery taste. I have at least one Sun who, like myself, adores anything Asian and had pressed me out just the few weeks before, to purchase a variety of Asian noodles for soups. What a surprise he’ll enjoy when he discovers I’m making raw, orgnic cashew and peanut sauce for the noodles to go compliment our fish.

((♥)) AWAKEn + LIVE ((♥)) Ria “Sweet Raw”. (2010. ria takharu. a HoneyGoddess LLC  Honeycomb)


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